My headcovering journey (part 2)

Here’s part 2 to my headcovering story! If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

So I started watching YouTube videos, and clumsily wrapping scarves around my head. I realized how easy it truly was, tried different styles, fell in love with some styles and couldn’t stand other ones, learned how to accessorize with headbands and flower clips and brooches and dangly earrings, scoured thrift shops and bargain stores and sale racks for unique scarves and pretty baubles, and became more and more confident in both my tichel skills and myself as a whole.

One of my first wraps; I’ve improved a lot since then!

As I watched more and more YouTube tutorials and my fingers fumbled with scarves and pins, I found myself starting to do something every day. I found myself intentionally wrapping. As I wrap and weave the fabric over my head, I weave a prayer along with it. It may be for a friend going through a hard time, a current event in our world, my family, or even myself. As I would finish each wrap and along with it the prayer, I found myself feeling covered; covered by God, covered by my husband, covered by faith, covered by the angels, covered by peace and calm.

Wrapping/covering has also given me a constant reminder to live my life as a Christian. The literal weight of the wrap on my head reminds me that I live as a sign to others of Christ, as a sign to others of my husband, and as a sign to others as a mother. Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect. Ha. Far from it. I still curse and I still yell; I still mutter and I still stomp my feet. I still make mistakes in my behavior and it’s a constant learning process towards that meek and gentle spirit. Because ultimately that’s what my goal is- that meek and gentle spirit. But having the wrap on my head is a physical reminder of the spiritual changes I’m aiming towards. Brian will tell you that even he has noticed a change in me.

This is 2 days after surgery June 2017; you can see how far I came in just a few months!

I figured I would answer some frequent questions about my covering, because I do get these questions pretty often. I’ll also share some tips and secrets about wrapping that I love!

Q: what are some reasons people wrap?

A: people wrap for lots of reasons! Maybe it’s because of their faith; the Islam, Jewish, and Christian faiths all practice various forms of headcovering. Within Christianity, many denominations practice it- Anabaptists (Amish, Mennonite, Hutterites, Brethren), Catholics (they call it veiling), Torah Observant Christians, Nondenominational, some parts of Presbyterian… many use headcovering! Some people cover for health reasons where they lose their hair, like cancer or alopecia. And some use it as a comfort measure for when they are overstimulated or their sensory processing is overwhelmed. There are many reasons, not just faith, to cover!

Q: is that thing hot?

A: yes and no. It all depends on what type of scarf/fabric you wrap with! Pashminas in the summer aren’t exactly the coolest type of wrap, but rayon or linen or light cotton is not hot at all! It also depends on how much fabric is there as well; I try to use a shorter scarf in the summer, and not let tails hang down.

Q: Is that all your hair underneath?

A: ::chuckles:: no. Underneath the scarf, I wear what’s called a volumizer that I got from Wrapunzel. It’s a cap that has a velvet headband sewn to the front, and is made with a breathable knit material. Inside the cap is pillow stuffing, and you can remove or add stuffing based on how much volume you want. The velvet headband in the front helps to both grab your hair and your scarf so that the cap doesn’t slip off your head, and the scarf doesn’t slip off your cap. I usually will just put my hair in a low ponytail at the nape of my neck, and tuck my hair inside the cap.

I did a fancy two scarf zig zag for Lilly Prom (Brian’s Company party), and received so many complements!

Q: do you still do your hair?

A: yes, I still see a stylist (the benefits of your best friend being a hair stylist! Head over to her Instagram and give her some love!); I cut my hair and dye it and have fun with it. I take care of it; you just can’t see it! Though I do admit one secret: there are days when I haven’t washed my hair and either don’t have time or energy; in those cases, having a covering is awesome!

Q: where do you find scarves? Accessories?

A: you name it! Places like Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Burlington Coat Factory are great for cheaper yet stylish options. Craft stores and 5 below, Lilly Pulitzer, Target/Walmart/Kmart, Forever 21, Primark, Wrapunzel, other tichel businesses like The Little Tichel Lady, other tichel wearers getting rid of their scarf stash… all of these locations are places where I have gotten scarves. I’ve even gotten some at our local mosque’s annual bazaar, since many Muslim women cover their hair too (called a hijabi). For accessories, thrift stores, Burlington, Amazon, Icing… pretty much anywhere that sells brooches, hair clips, and stretchy headbands is fair game! You can accessorize tichels in so many ways!

One of my favorite wraps I did for our family pictures Christmas 2017

Q: how did you learn that? Is it difficult?

A: YouTube! I watched so many YouTube videos to learn. And then I practiced! Yes, my arms got tired. Yes, it was sloppy looking at first. But I got better over time, and it became very easy. Now, if I need to rewrap in someplace like the car, I can easily do it! In terms of the actual scarves, some scarves make learning easier, while others I waited to use until I was more proficient. Silky type scarves have a tendency to be a bit more difficult to wrangle, so I stuck with thicker scarves that had more grip to them when I was first learning.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to wear a tichel, or perhaps you are feeling the calling to cover your hair- whether it be for spiritual reasons, or cultural reasons, or medical reasons, or anxiety (there are many who wrap simply because it provides comfort and eases their anxiety!)- know that there are others who have gone down this road before you. Headcovering has become an extraordinary blessing in my life. I’m sure if you gave it a shot, you’d see the blessings in your life grow as well.

Have questions about wrapping or headcovering? Leave them down below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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  1. A very lovely post, thanks a lot. Here are some questions I gathered to form the so called “Christian women headcovering Tag”. On YT you will find some who made a video with them. Maybe you can use them for a 3rd part here…

    how old are you?
    for how long are you covering?
    how do you cover?
    all of your hair?
    other parts of the body that you keep covered (neck, arms, legs…)?
    do you try to dissimulate the shape of your body?
    do you keep any other modesty standards?
    why do you cover (1 Cor 11, first testament, modesty, because my husbands wants it…)
    do you cover for the same reason now and in the beginning?
    in front of whom do you stay covered? are there exceptions (family gatherings, woking place…)?
    what was the reaction of your husband? of other family members? of persons you meet?
    how did covering change your life? (prayer, self-esteem, testifying…)

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