Hi! I’m Brittany. Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find out a little about me, my family, my passions and interests, and so much more. Keep reading below in order to get a preview of me and my life; keep reading the blog to dive in and really get to know me in depth!

My family

I married my husband Brian in 2010. He’s where the name of the blog came from- we both have the initials “BLW” so we are quite literally BLW Squared! No there are no plans to make it BLWCubed, but thanks for asking!


We had our son Caleb in 2014. Because of my Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, my pregnancy and delivery were high risk. Caleb was born 5 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. Thanks be to God, he is a healthy 4 year old now- he loves monster trucks, Grandma, Disney, first responders and rescue vehicles, Aunt Kimee, the pets, going to school and learning, dinos, John Deere, church, Big Blue Baba, and being a big helper!


I am passionate about babywearing, as it saved my life as a disabled parent. It made life easier in so many ways! From not having to run and lift Caleb, to the ergonomic design situated on my back not straining my body, it truly was a lifesaver. And not just for me- it gave Caleb a spot to see the world better, and a snuggly location for naps. It cemented our bond as mother and child.

Unfortunately, babywearing in the parenting-while-disabled community is undervalued and underutilized. I’m on a mission to change that! I am currently working on my Volunteer Babywearing Educator certification with Babywearing International Delmarva Chapter; my discipline will focus on people with disabilities and how we can adapt babywearing for them, to give them a tool that is almost always desperately needed!

Have a question about babywearing? Need some help figuring out what would work best with your disability? Contact me and we will work together to find you a solution!

(Note: I’m currently in training and not certified yet, but I still have resources and can help you out!)

My faith

I grew up in a German Lutheran household, and my faith is the cornerstone of all I do. I am a modest dresser; I wear only skirts/dresses/jumpers, only short and long sleeves (no sleeveless), and I cover my hair (1 Corinthians 11:2-16). My husband and I have a more traditional marriage.

The most important thing I want you to take away though, is that this is my personal journey with the Lord, and I do not judge others in any way shape or form for any of their actions or decisions. My God is a God of love and acceptance, and I follow that example to the letter. Why? Because I am, truly, a wretch and sinner and have no place to judge another when my sins are unforgivable. I embrace others of different faith; Muslims, Jews and Christians are all Children of Abraham.

In the area and want to attend church with us? You are welcomed and loved at our church! From infants to elderly, all are embraced at Concordia Lutheran Church! Live in the area and want to know more? Feel welcome to visit one Sunday, attend our community Oktoberfest or our Vacation Bible School (it’s at night, after work!), or contact me and we can work something out!


I am a Brand Ambassador for Guidance Guide, a new start up website by Jenn, the sister of Jamie aka TheBabyGuyNYC. Guidance Guide is a full and complete resource where parents and others can find organic, unbiased reviews written by other parents in just about every category of baby and children products that exist in today’s world. You are guaranteed to find the true thoughts you’re looking for on that new gadget! You’ll also find Stories which incorporate ideas, tips, tricks, and advice in with recommendations on products.

I review products from a very unique standpoint- as a parent with a disability. As an underserved market grows thanks to medicine and technology allowing them to have children, there’s often things that come into play when parenting that do not affect typical parents. There are so many things that I take into consideration when purchasing a product- from the feel to the weight and so much more.

I currently have my Gold badge in the toys category, and my Bronze badge in the babywearing, car seats, and special needs categories. If interested, I can provide the link and password that verifies this info.

Brands wishing to connect

Wish to work with me, and me help you connect your product with a growing community who is always interested in gadgets that may help make their lives easier? I would love to work with you! Contact me and we can get started on spreading the honest first impressions word on the street about your product! You can check out my Instagram and my Facebook Page as well.